Found 3rd Sep 2009
hey was wondering if anyone knows how to setup Logitech X-530 PC Speaker system through an hdmi xbox 360 and still recieve the hd cheers
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HDMI cable and Optical Audio Adapter i think

the bottom photo in the post. i think thats what it does…-co
Plug them into the headphone socket on your TV?
cheers imortal will check it out now and i dont have one
i have a hdmi cable but its the cable for the newer hdmi the thin gold 1 will i have to change it??:S
The X-530 aren't optical out are they?
i really couln't tell you mate im new to this sort of stuff
Do you have the adapter shown in this picture?
i dont even have the speakers yet i ordering them friday just wanted to see if they will play with my xbox 360 if not i may go for a different style
Just checked the picture Imortal posted again, it is actually HDMI to HDMI/RCA not Optical. So you can use that, although it would be easier/simpler/cheaper to just plug them into your TV/Monitor if you can. I am not sure if the X-530's come with all the adapters you need, but I would assume they do.

As far as I am aware though, you should be looking at the connections on your TV/Monitor rather than the connections on the 360. You only use the audio-out dongles like what Imortal has if your display has no audio out options or doesn't support Optical connections whereas a 360 does.

Confusing topic lol.
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