How to set up voicemail on htc desire hd?

Found 13th Apr 2011
Hi bit of a silly one but can any htc desire hd owners tell me how i set up and enable voicemail on my htc desire hd?

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What network are you on?
That's more the deciding factor than the handset.

What network are you on?That's more the deciding factor than the handset.

Hi im on t mobile thanks

Voicemail is done by the network not the phone.

yeh i know that now just not sure how to enable it on my phone
could be wrong as i am using an older version of andriod,

Settings -> Call -> Call forwarding -> (mess around with options to suit your needs).

If u want to check your VM telephone number then go back one and check the 'Voicemail service' or Voicemail settings'.

If call else fails then just call 150 on your mobile

Hi im on t mobile thanks

call 222 from your handset to set it up.…il/

Follow the instructions and then reboot.

If that doesn work do this:
From your handset
Call settings
Call forwarding
And check what your network things is going on.
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