How to spot fake Tiffany jewelry?

Found 27th Jul 2011
Hey HKUDers, thought I might get some insight here. Picking up some Tiffany Jewelry from an online sale this eve. If anyone has any advise for spotting fakes I'd be grateful.

The items have the Tiffany authentication cards.
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What's the website? that will give you the answer
If it's new and it ain't direct from Tiffany or an authorised outlet then it's fake. Simple as that.
If it says Jewelry then it is fake.
Its a private sale (not new), so I'm collecting from the sellers house later this eve
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Hit it with a hammer - if it breaks into more than 20 pieces it's a fake.
I'm dubious already as the only card that would come with an item of real tiffany jewellery is one that says "tiffany and co" on one side and only that (fairly thick card) and the other side give instruction of how to care for sterling silver. Fakes come with similar cards but they say more on the "tiffany and co" side than just that. If in pouches then there should be a fair bit of material above the drawstring, some fakes have the drawstring quite near the top and gets quite puckered up. Clearly best if you've seen or have real pieces to compare weight and the colour of the pouches/packaging etc. Items should be weighty and if they have clasps then should have "925" on it either the post of the clasp or on the bit the chain connects to. All links should be soldered and there should be none just pinched shut. Clearly this is assuming it is silver jewellery!
I love tiffany silver stuff and have quite a few items some can have small round disks near the clasps with t&co on them plus 925 on the other side. Really depends on what it is you've bought. There are guides on the net which are good also on fleabay guides-possibly should have looked before buying though....
I never wear my Tiffany rings. I used to use the keyring quite allot, but this idiot wanted to get something out my car, so I gave him my keys. The idiot dropped the ball screw somewhere and now the keyring is worthless.

Need a new keyring.
saying 925 doesnt prove anything, most fakes of anything silver are stamped with it.
Yes but the real items have it in the places I said, the fake ones I've seen don't seem to bother to even mark the 925 anywhere or try to copy this detail so still useful info
it does remind me of something, some person was selling earrings, tiffany ones in the box and everything, stamped with the 925 ect, looked on their bought feedback and you could see they bought them for a quid from china!
Turns out they were fake after all and she'd forgotten to put that in the ad oO
lol how did u find out there where fake? did you ask about it?
I would not buy anything from Tiffany & Co without either buying it from a shop directly or with a genuine shop receipt.
If you are buying from eBay it's 99% likely to be fake.
There are lots of good fakes out there, but I wouldn't buy without knowing for sure it was genuine.
Fakes are so good these days they can come with the boxes, bags, look identical to the genuine ones etc., so you could get away with giving it to someone but it's a lot of money to spend on replica goods and the quality of the jewellery won't be as good as the genuine jewellery and in 6 months time it will be more apparent.
Authentication card... LOL. They don't come with authentication cards, they just come in their box (with a little pouch inside for the jewellery), at most as someone else said a high quality business card with Tiffany and Co on one side.

If you're wanting to buy Tiffany's buy it from the official shop. Simples.

lol how did u find out there where fake? did you ask about it?

I said they felt very light when I was holding them and then asked where the little pouches were. She got a bit flustered and said that she'd put in the ad they were fakes. I said she hadn't and she said she must've forgotten lol.
Is it a 'Bay item? If so, are they under a business account with a registered number? If so, you could call Trading Standards...
Naa it was an individual on gumtree. They've posted an amended advert now.
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