How to spot fake Ugg boots?

Found 15th Oct 2010
Hi, I have googled it, but need more info than I can find!

I bought a pair of "real" Ugg cardy boots from a well known auction site for £65. They arrived yesterday and have the correct labels etc, BUT one of the labels on the heel is not straight, it slightly tilts. One of the material around where the sole meets the woolen part looks like it overlaps in one place. The soles are not flexible & it came with a dust bag. (I read this means fake)

I have opened a dispute already, but just wanted to check and see if anyone knew more than me. My thinking is that something that is meant to retail for £125 should be absolutely perfect?

And if anyone knows where to get genuine ones but maybe at good prices please let me know. (Only bought them as I am pregnant and thought they would be comfy for winter but wont be spending £100)
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Have a look here:

The cheapest way to get them normally is wait for asos or office or another big store to bring out 20% off or £25 off £100 spend type voucher. Have a look on the deals board and MSE as I remember they used to have an ugg thread.
I think you have to get independant evidence that they are fake don't you?

My niece has had all this, it's a minefield. You're better buying from an official retailer I think, or leaving alone.
I would also highly recommend you look into emu boots, they are just as comfy, warm and great quality at a much more reasonable price than uggs. Same style, same high quality sheepskin, have a look at Amazon and other places, mine are on their 3rd year and just brilliant.
The HUKD members had a thread started by magough to help spot UGG fakes etc here…380

May still be worth a read
try mandmdirect and amazon, they regularly have uggs for £80, no offence but ebay!! at half retail price, they were only ever going to be fake.
I got done on eBay and opened a dispute and the only I could prove the seller was selling fakes was to get an independent to say that they were fall and it had to be on headed paper. Spoke to a few shops and asked I they would take a look and one or two said they would take a look but none of them were willing to put pen to paper. Also if you have a look ib the Ugg website they categorically state they will not help in eBay disputes. Basically your stuffed unfortunately.
i would try and claim faulty then? anythng so i could return them!
I will take photos and send them to paypal. I bought a nice pair of boots at primark yesterday for £7 and even the stitching is better on these lol
And yeah, ebay Bid at last minute on these
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