How to Stop Cold Water Pipe Condensation?

Posted 23rd Dec 2019Edited by:"shaydoken"
So we had our cold water pipe fixed. Now it seems to get wet really quick (condenstation not actual water leak). The left pipes are heating, right pipe is the cold water.

Is advisable to get this?…194
The old pipe had this sort silver foil tape on both sides apart from middle.

or shall I get this…357
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Is the pipe indoors ?
Use the right material/tool for your own specific actual situation, you supplied no information on your situation, therefore, so we can just guess,
therefore, you use one or both depending on the cost, location, gap width between the cold/hot water pipes, how good your handy work in wrapping a tape versus slotting a foam pipe, curve and bends...etc..
Either of those will work, but the foam should be easier to fit.
For the pipe to condensate that much, means it is pretty cold water coming into a warm moist environment, is there a long run on an outside wall?
Condensation normally forms on the pipe from moisture coming in contact with the cold pipe. Moisture normally comes from water in the air. Was there a leak and has the water dried out ?
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