How to stop out of area calls

Found 9th Dec 2012
Does anyone know if you can stop out of area calls, we are getting about 20 a day! I never answer them, is that the best thing to do? We also get a lot of 020 calls which I have googled and its debt type places. Its impossible to block the out of area calls as there is no number coming up, its driving me mad it just gets worse they are even ringing as late as 9.45pm.
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Thanks but I'm already registered. I think as they are probably from abroad they can avoid it unfortunately.
answer the call then as maybe you have a debt to pay or a previos occupant has
Anyone know if this would help…ils?

That's foe mobiles not landline.
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I got one of these it is worth it's weight in gold I used to get about 5 nuisance calls a day now I might get one a month…er/
We have lived here 10 years so I don't think its debt collectors it sales calls for ppi etc

We have lived here 10 years so I don't think its debt collectors it sales … We have lived here 10 years so I don't think its debt collectors it sales calls for ppi etc

in that case, definitely answer it and mention you are reporting them to the TPS and they will stop.

report them anyway:-

I used to get quite a few and reported two companies and now I never get any unsolicited calls at all.

This phone system (which i have) if you get a call from an unwanted number (ex partner or the like lol) , you can block that particular number from ringing (the calling number will just simply get an engaged tone or the like and your phone will not ring, it will show up in the call history as a 'blocked call' so you can see if they are still trying to pester you)
I kept getting the stupid microsoft calls etc and once used for a couple of months, the calls stopped trying to come in
There may be other panasonic models with the Incoming call barring feature but thats the one i have and it is effective
Cornwall call blocker, fantastic gadget for £ 40. Virtually stops all nuisance calls.
Will this work if the number is not shown. Its mainly coming up as out of area, thanks
I always answer and give them a full blast 2 minutes swearing.
I managed to get a couple of them in tears.
Most times they hung up.
Once I got my wife to scream for help while I clapped my hands.
Coppers showed up at my door and when they were happy everything was ok they called the number and gave them a massive **** and threaten to report them for wasting police time.
They claimed of being amex, but it turned out they were some insurance company totally unrelated to amex.
But they had all my details.
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