How To Stop Spam/Scams on Gumtree?

Posted 9th Mar 2015
Apologies for posting here My Mods, but you cant upload images if using 'Ask' so happy to have it moved - but can we keep the image?

But anyways, whenever I list something on Gumtree, I dont get anywhere as many responses unless I put a mobile number (im the same when buying, I dont want to email a buyer and wait 10 years for them to email me back... I want to barter there and then and go get it!)

But whenever I list something now - I literally get 10 messages an hour where you cant reply, it comes up as a name (not a number) and its the same old spam/scam where "David" wants you to email him at "" or something equally as obvious.

Ive attached a screenshot, but this one spammer hit me three times in the space of one evening.

I have to mute my phone when I list on Gumtree due to the level of these messages.

Anyone know how to report these - or a way for Android to block these messages? They're not text messages... because as you can see, theres no option to reply - they arrive as some sort of service message. But then I dont want to miss important service messages.

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