How to stream DVD's from my PC to an Android tablet?

Found 2nd Feb 2015

Could somebody help me, is there anyway to stream DVD's over Wifi to my android tablet?


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Only way I can think of is A: rip the DVD onto the pc then create a media server and then play it from there. B: install a remote desktop software on your pc then install the viewing software on your tablet the voila.
As above, rip it to the computer first, then set up a media server or other casting programme. There may be some software out there to cast/stream directly from the DVD but given a) the read speed of your DVD drive, b) speed and amount of RAM available (and the rest of the PC components) c) your wireless'll likely have issues with streaming (a/v sync issues, etc).
The easiest way to do it is to rip the DVD to your computer using something like Handbrake.

Then up a home media server that supports remote access my preference for this is to use Plex.

Then you would need to use the Plex for Android option to play back the media.
You don't!!
what is this DVD thingy u talk of?
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