How to stream Gear VR to Chromecast from Samsung Galaxy S7

LocalFound 13th Jun 2016

Today cannibalwombat posted about speeding up Android handsets (, and that reminded me about this tip...

When I got my free Gear VR with my S7, I wanted to show it off to everyone, so I thought "simply stream the screen to my chromecast!" Unfortunately this resulted in atrocious screen refresh rates of about 1 frame every 5-10 seconds, before the image froze completely... I searched for ages for a solution, before I finally found out about this:

1. Go to settings, about device, software info and tap the 'build number' bar 10 times. This will unlock developer settings.

2. Go back to main settings, scroll to the bottom and open 'developer options' and move the slider at the top to 'on'.

3. About 2/3 of the way down (just below the animation options cannibalwombat was talking about) you'll see "Simulate secondary displays". Click on this, then select "720p secure". You'll see a small screen image appear in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Go to your chromecast app, and cast the screen as usual.

Now when you use your Gear VR, the side-by-side image will appear on your TV screen in real-time. There is, however, still issues with the sound. I haven't found a workaround for that yet...

To turn off the secondary display, just go back into that menu and select "None" at the top!

Hope this helps someone!
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