How to test my broadband speed

    I have recently had Virgin 200mb broadband installed. I was was guaranteed 188mb.
    My question is, how can i check my dl ul speeds?

    Unless i'm mistaken Cat5 is limited to 100mbps and wireless can vary 54-72. So i've assumed (possibly incorrectly) that my tests will be capped due to the network speed rather than provider limits...

    Also, i've had a quick look at the hub details, but this doesn't seem to tell you any connection speeds etc. Have probably missed it!

    Hopefully this makes sense!

    cheers and merry christmas!

    one of the best around

    Asamp of the best around

    Agreed, the best around.

    If you're on a wired PC, that isn't really old, you should be able to get your maximum. (There's a chance it could be capped to 100MB depending on your network card.

    If you're wireless, depending on your built in wifi capabilities you may also be able to get your maximum.

    If you have a modern smartphone, get the app. I can get 208MB dl on my iPhone 7 on Virgin

    Cat5e is 1000mb, and your superhub will support that speed as well. It will definitely be slower using WiFi which is also dependent on how close you are to the router.

    As above use to check you download speed which should be close to what you expect (it's also dependent on the number of other users in your area), upload speed will be far lower (I think around 15mb), and importantly your ping (lower is better).

    Your guaranteed speed will be the speed being received at the router as no ISP can guarantee a wireless speed. Routers will have their own management software built in which you can access, this will tell you the speed being received.

    Wifi is a case of "It depends".

    My speed test results via wifi are only 3-4 Mbps slower than using ethernet.

    As above, an older PC with a limited speed ethernet port is more likely, although there have been a lot of complaints all year by people saying their 200Mb service was significantly SLOWER than their original 100Mb service.

    Cat5e supports 1000mb/s.
    You'd need to consider where you are downloading from for your test.
    Generally speed test sites do a good job at giving you your dl/ul speed. You may want to also try downloading something from say Microsoft/Linux website like an ISO file to see how quickly it completes.

    when using with VirginMedia take the speed to you get from their dedicated servers with a grain of salt, as it the same as doing a speed test on your own internal network.

    I use it's hosted by Netflix but only checks download speed
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    As mentioned just because you can get 200 doesn't mean your devices can, older devices even a couple of years old can't cope with those speeds. We have 150Mb and can get that wired all the time, on older devices over 100Mb on some but old iPhones can only get 20.
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    Unless i'm mistaken Cat5 is limited to 100mbps and wireless can vary 54-72

    Don't do any speed tests on wireless, nobody can comment whether it would be a reliable test or not without knowing your device, your router and any interfering devices or networks in your area.

    The test needs to be performed on ethernet, (which is what I think you mean by Cat5). The Superhub supports 1000 Mbps but you will need to find out what your PC \ Laptop \ Mac supports. If you are not technical then supply the make and model and unless it's a custom build somebody on here should be able to tell you what speed it's capable of.

    I always use but your results may vary depending on what time of day you use it.

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    the best test is actually what bt use....

    the one people have already given you gives you a pretty picture.


    the best test is actually what bt … the best test is actually what bt use.... one people have already given you gives you a pretty picture.

    Agree with this

    I've had the same problem, worked it out that my 10/100 lan will only support up to 100mb so usb2 will only do the same, usb3 with a gigabyte Ethernet adaptor got me 213 mb with a stable network
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