How to transfer apps/data etc from old Motorola phone to new one?

Found 16th Jul
I would like to transfer all apps/data/photos/messages/etc from my old Motorola G 4G LTE (2014) to my new Moto G5 (2017). What is the best way to do this? Is there a reliable app that guides you through it to make the transistion easier?
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Play store for apps.
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Play Store for Apps.

There are lots of SMS, Calls, Address Book, Pics, Docs etc, Apps out there, but for years Ive been using MyPhoneExplorer, which also lets you back to a PC, Tablet etc, where you can also View, Change Edit or Delete info from a Back Up before doing any Restores which is handy for tidy ups etc, and for future Baks.
SMSBackup copies texts, phone logs. You then set backups to a) the SD card and b) email back you yourself
Google mail syncs mail
Have you tried the 'Motorola Migrate' app on Play store? it does not work on the most recent versions of Android - but you may be lucky!

Edit - just read the notes on the Play store and they suggest ... Copy My Data, Phone Copier and ShareIt.
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I used 'App / SMS / Contact - Backup & Restore' app in the end and saved it onto memory card.

How do you go about restoring this i assume you install the app on the new phone and tell it to look for a restore folder on memory card?
CloneIt works. App
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