How to transfer money to person with bank passbook?

Found 6th Sep 2017
So generally you just use other persons sort code and account number to transfer money into their account. I need to send money to someone (family member) who has one of those passbook (thats what i think its called), not sure what details I need in order to send it. The only useful information i can see on their passbook is account number and thats about it.
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Is it a savings account? If so you may find it also has a roll number. Lots of savings accounts with building societies have the same sort code and account number then you use a roll number as a reference which allocates the payment to the specific customer. Hope that helps
Does the passbook show the bank/ Building soc. branch? If so you can find the sort code from that.
that person will need to ask their bank what the sort code, account number is. the roll number will normally go into the reference field and that is how it gets allocated to that account.
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