How to transfer music from windows media to Apple i-tunes

Okay, you know I'm not the most technically advanced person on the planet, BUT - I have a little i-pod shuffle that I want to load up with some files from my windows media player, but I can't work out how to do it! There's a load of random files on the i-tunes library, but it won't let me chose which songs I want to put on the i-pod, and it's really annoying!!! Can anyone give me some (simple!) instructions pleeeeeease?!


First of all you want all your files in itunes, to do this just drag and drop from their original location. If that doesn't work, set itunes as the default player for the file then click to open it (it may need to be converted which itunes will ask you but then do automatically).
Next make a playlist by clicking the + in the lower left of the screen. Name it whatever you like.
Right click on any song you want and select add to playlist, ctrl click to add more than one at a time.
Once you are happy with the playlist connect your ipod.
On the music tab of the shuffle set it to only sync music from that playlist.
Hope this helps.

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I'll give that a go - thanks so much for the techie help!!! :-D
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