how to unlcok k800i on tmbile

    how do i find out what firmware have one the phone?

    wher edo i have to go to get it


    To find out what firmware you have on the phone, go to the service menu.

    Press joystick right,
    Press *,
    Press joystick left,
    Press joystick left,
    Press *,
    Press joystick left,
    Press *,

    Then go to service info.

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    ok what about cd number

    dunno how to unlcok a phone a lol nah but the thing dcx posted shud be fine


    @ the op: Can do the … @ the op: Can do the K800 for free pernamently anyways though.

    what about the w880i ??


    Can do the K800 for free pernamently anyways though.

    Yes, it's not straight forward though(I spent hours unsucessfully trying), so ordered the sim card attachment and was up and running in 5-10 minutes.

    If you reguarly put a different networks sim in your phone then a permanent solution is needed. I would guess it's a one time action for most.

    here is a good tutorial which shows how to unlock the K800i

    you need the phone to be CID52 so use xs++ and if your phone isnt CID52 the software will ask you if you want to update it to CID52... then just use the tutorial to unlock it...

    hope it helps :thumbsup:
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