How to unpair a keyboard on Amazon firestick

Found 5th Jul 2015
I set up a bluetooth keyboard on my firestick using a settings.apk through adbFire and it worked fine.I then used the keypad on another device and when I used it again on the firestick it wouldn't recognise it (even when I searched for devices etc). I can't find any setting to unpair the keyboard from the firestick so that I can re-pair it again. I uninstalled the settings apk. and reinstalled it expecting the list to be free of all previously paired devices so that I could pair it agan but the keyboard is still there under paired devices like before.
Has anybody had this and got a solution?
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that info is useless xxx

that info is useless xxx

In what way oO Basically I can't find a way to unpair a bluetooth keyboard on my firestick and wondered if anyone had any ideas. I'm not very techy minded what info would be more helpful?
No reset buttons anywhere.

No reset buttons anywhere.

There looks like there is a settings menu to the right of where the devices name is but if I use the Amazon remote it highlights all of it and there is no way to click on just the settings menu. I even downloaded a couple of mouse apps like Yatse and the Amazon fire one but it doesnt seem to be able to highlight the settings menu separately. I think I may need something that enables you to use a mouse cursor.
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does the keyboard have a reset button or batteries that be removed

does the keyboard have a reset button or batteries that be removed

It's rechargeable so there's no batteries. It does have an on/off button but switching it off didn't make any difference. I'm not sure if there is a reset button as I dont have a manual and it isnt obvious from the button labels. I cant see a reset hole either
Cover the entire keyboard in silver foil

Cover the entire keyboard in silver foil

Why didnt I think of that If that fails Im going to try a paper towel
I finally got it sorted. I downloaded the Wukong remote app and was able to click on the settings menu to unpair the keyboard using the mouse pointer. I was then able to reconnect it. I thought I'd post in case anyone else comes across the same problem. I'll click on best answer to close the thread. Thanks to all that answered.
Thanks it worked. I was able to unpair the bluetooth keyboard using the Wukong remote app using the mouse pointer. Please note when you are in mouse pointer mode you have to click the checkered box (tick, tack toe cluster) on the right of the screen to open the unpair options screen and uncheck the paring.
I had a problem with My amazon Fire Stick Bluetooth Connected keyboard, it just stopped working. I fortunately found this thread and downloaded the Wukong remote app from Google PlayStore to my android tablet as suggested by summerjoo. It connected and communicated to my TV's Fire Stick with no problems. As suggested above I selected the mouse cursor option on the Wukong remote and selected 'Bluetooth' in thy 'Settings' folder. Clicked on the 'Keyboard' section and on the right hand side and opened the three line with faders icon and disabled the Bluetooth keyboard. Wow....Such relief!

But trying to pair the Bluetooth keyboard again was a different story altogether. I messed about for an hour and every time I tried to pair the Bluetooth keyboard it would not accept the suggested pin code of 0000 or 1234. So I downloaded the Amazon detailed Fire Sick PDF instructions. Had a quick look at the troubleshooting and it suggested to "Restart your Amazon Fire TV device. Disconnect the power cord from your Amazon Fire TV device for three seconds, and then plug the power cord back in."

I duly did this, then went back into pairing the Bluetooth keyboard again and 'hey presto' it gave me a unique code of 971154 to enter on my keyboard. The keyboard paired with the Fire Stick and worked instantly. So in conclusion if your having problems pairing and the pin won't work just turn off the Fire Stick and restart it again.

I hope this helps fellow users. Thanks to 'summerjoo' for his usefull tip on using the Wukong remote app.
I googled wukong.apk and found it for free. Side loaded it to my fire stick and it fixed the issue perfectly. Just make sure you set it to mouse mode and it lets you deselect the keyboard and you can re pair it..
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