How to use a Monzo account to buy eshop games at cheaper prices

Posted 21st May 2019

I've just tried this out so I figured I'd share what I've learnt with you guys do you can save yourself a bit of money as well Monzo does not charge conversion fees unlike using a normal debit card or PayPal.

1) Sign up to Monzo using the app
2) Wait for debit card to be delivered (2-3 days)
3) Activate debit card using the app (instant)
4) Change Nintendo account details to which ever eshop you'd like (
5) Purchase your desired game from the foreign eshop
6) Use the link from 4 to switch back to your normal location

I was able to buy Shovel Knight, Bastion and Steam World Dig 1 for just under £10 thanks to this system (as well as a free £5 for using my mate's sign up link)
Normal price for those three games on the UK eshop would be £19.40 whereas buying from the South African eshop would cost around £13.

  • Save a decent bit of money
  • Transfer of money from bank to Monzo is instant
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient app allows you to track purchases

  • Sign up process is a bit of an effort given how Monzo functions as an actual bank. You need to provide a photo of a form of ID (e.g. driving licence) and record a short video of yourself saying you would like to sign up for a Monzo account (unlike other banks, they don't have a physical branch for you to walk in and do this in person).
  • You have to wait 2-3 business days before the card arrives. The app doesn't show you your card details do you have to wait for the physical card to get your info

That's it! Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try my best to answer them

Thanks for reading
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