How to use a new mouse?

    Don't know if this has been posted somewhere, but it made me :lol:……php?


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    This one also ]http//ww…php


    You have just too much free time Ray!

    That may be true MikeT, but it is very funny!

    I was expecting something like someone actually asking what to do with a new mouse! I know there are people out there not as technological as me and others, and wanted to help out as I was intriged to hear what the problem was. Mice to me have all been pretty similar apart from the one where you keep the mouse still and just use the ball - in effect the complete oppposite of a mouse (but still a mouse!), so I thought that there had been a breakthrough in mouse technology, but I was wrong.

    I think I fell for your TRAP there Rayman.

    But if I couldn't help, I was going to say "That's just hard cheese!".

    Think I'm DRAGGING the mice jokes as far as they go! I'm at the TAIL end now! I should CLICK "Post Quick Reply" AND get to the POINT!

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    Hehe I was only looking on the Mirror website for some news, then spotted the funny videos :roll: Never enough time Mike lol

    I'm pleased the mouse trap worked but your puns are nearly as bad as mine T8RSP

    LOL - surely these should have been posted in Emma's joke thread?

    Maybe! But they are hardly jokes on my side! I'm sure people may have a sudden urge to stick pins in their eyes and question why they are reading such pathetic attempts at jokes!

    thanks ray

    Funny, but wish I had the time to go looking for this stuff. Well done.
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