how to use hmv vouchers

    hey, i have a 14 digit alpha-numeric hmv voucher code, but the page where you "add e-vouchers" has 5 boxes to input the code. what is the format? am i adding it to the right place or do you add it when you actually go to buy the item?! my internet is going sooo sloooooooow so thought i'd ask here. thanks.


    if it is like a credit card gift voucher thing. than im afraid to say you cant use them on-line AFAIK. i have had the same problem with waterstones and they are part of the same group. hope this helps


    Ita not an E-voucher its a promotional code, think you can only add it when your buying something

    is it one of the £1/£2 ones?

    Original Poster

    ah, yeah, you were right. can only add when buying.

    thanks for the help!
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