Found 31st Oct 2009
hi i've just set up my virgin media news group in my live mail.
now what?
how do's it work? what do you do?

can i use it to download films and music?

any help is much appreciated

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From what i know and i do know as I've been using the newsgroups for 5years all those sites are not supported, so you cant even see them if you can the retention will be 24 hours which will mean loads of incomplete posts you will also need other things to extract the downloads you might aswell give it up and pay for a proper news server.

The virgin server is for news posts not binaries.

When I had cable/Virgin I always used Virgin's own newshosting to download my stuff. They don't subscribe to all news groups, but there's some decent ones included, the only one I can remember is alt.binaries.divx/xvid - I know those two are/were on there.

To be honest you can get decent newshosting for a fiver a month so it might work out better just to find a decent provider, to avoid being frustrated at Virgin's 1 month retention, and the lack of choice they offer. But if you only want a few movies now and then, Virgin's own news servers should be fine.

I use all the time, they only keep stuff on for 7 days, use alt binz 0.25 to download, and nzb matrix, tvnzb. merlins portal and nzbsrus to find the nzb files,some you have to become a free member to use. download the zipped files you want, unzip to the nzb folder and just double click to queue in alt binz. check out this link -…ews , all credit to Odriscoll for this link post. best of luck
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