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Yesterday i placed an order for 2 contract mobile phones by mistake people on here asked me if i used quidco which i didnt, i have since contacted the compny and they have cancelled both phones so i can go online and replace the order for one phone! but i thought i would ask about this quidco, how do i use this? what do i need to do? its

thanks guys x

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or [url][/url]


or [url][/url]


GoldDigger, Quidco takes £5 a year out of your earnings, TopCashBack does not. You get more money with TCB than Quidco, so go with TCB instead.

And it's dead easy, anyway. Best thing to do is to have one web browser dedicated to TCB, so tracking cookies don't get mixed up. HUKD and other sites that depend on referral advertising can steal your cashback if cookies do go awry. I use Firefox for my main browsing and Internet Explorer purely for TCB, and it's the setup I recommend. Anyway,

1) Log into TCB
2) Search for
3) Enter via the TCB tracking link

And that's it.

Before ordering from, I'd take a look at the mobile section of MSE, there are a number threads about problem with them. . .

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Oh, i went with because i put a post on yesterday asking if anyone had heard of them and a few people came back and said they have used them before with no problems, knowing my luck though i'm sure i will have a few, unlucky!!

Take look at MSE.

They seem to have more than their fair share of problems. They'll use any means not to pay the cashback (if you're not going for a cashback deal then ignore !).
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