How to view your broken laptop screen Via TV?

    Can anyone help me please?

    I broke my laptop - the screen is black... but the computer side is fine.

    I want to sell it faulty - but of course want to access it to take stuff off etc...

    Is there a lead I can buy to view my laptop (I assume the output view will be OK) ON my TV?




    depends what connections you have on your laptop/tv but usually something like a vga to phono search on ebay will bring up what you need

    your best bet is taking the hard drive out and whacking it in a desktop to transfer your files.


    easiest method if you want to use the laptop depending whether your tv and laptop has a suitable connection is using a HDMI cable. if you have a HD tv you'll probably have one you can use already. or as suggested take out your HD and put it in another laptop/desktop to transfer files…b=0

    It'll use your tv as a monitor for your laptop, VGA doesn't send sound though, but I assume your laptop speakers still work... I did the same thing a while back, quality of the picture depends on the price of the cable too, worth noting if it's going to be a long-term thing. Goodluck

    Are you posting from/have access to a desktop pc? Can you not just plug the monitor out of the desktop straight into the laptop?

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone!

    jtx - From a new iMac thingy
    Can hardly work it, don't even know how to save images!

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