How to visit london museums with the kids.. 27th May

    I want to take kids to london museums on the 27th may. I cant see any good travel lodge deals on these dates.. and to be honest I am not sure which one I should go for? We need to drive from need parking... what is the cheapest way to do this?


    are you coming up for 1 night - long long way to drive - tiring - grotty with the kids
    get rail card - will be cheaper than cost of petrol…car
    not sure if train tix covers underground but will still be cheaper to get around

    try looking for hotel on the outskirts of london

    kids wont want to leave science museum so thats a day - natural history museum next door
    get over to o2 with kids - great even to look around

    you should look to stay over at least 1 night (2 full days), or 2 nights (2full days, most of the 3rd day) as theres loads to do.

    buy registering for, and obviously using the ]FREE F&F Railcard (2 month trial - needs to be registed by 7 May)

    and the ]London 2 for 1 you can have a fab couple days in the captial.

    WITHOUT a F&F Railcard - St Austell (SAU) to London Paddington (PAD) - 4h 40mins = £64 (for 1 adult & 2 kids) TOTAL = £128
    WITH a F&F Railcard - St Austell (SAU) to London Paddington (PAD) - 4h 40mins = £33 (for 1 adult & 2 kids) TOTAL £66.00

    So by using a F&F RC you save 50% off the proper family fair. As far Hotels, if you have Tesco CC points they will come in handy, otherwise a cheap Travelodge. (would wont need parking), but would need a Tube Travel Pass of some description (im sure theres people on here who could help!)

    London Barking is £42 a night for a family room, but although away from the main attractions and the need for a 20-30mins tube ride, its not that bad.

    check ur inbox!


    check ur inbox!

    me and holly100 spend hours typing detailed and informative stuff and you come along and type "check ur inbox" :whistling::p:thumbsup:

    Tolworth/Chessington Travelodge is always cheap and only a tube ride from central London. Also handy for Chessington World of Adventure.
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