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How to watch Channel 4+1 and Channel 5+1 live stream

Posted 11th Aug 2014
How do you watch Channel 4+1 and Channel 5+1 live on PC/iPad. We don't tend to watch the actual tv, kids have kids tv on. We used to watch on iPad using various apps and tv catchup, but now we want to watch the +1 channels an hour later. Which site has the best easiest streams to watch? If it's safe and I have to register that's fine, just don't wanna install loads of pretend needed programs that mess up your computer. Just wanna click play and watch..
Any links ?
If it's safe an
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4od and demand5?
Download Mobdro.
4od and on Demand don't show +1 channels live.
This is the problem. At 9pm we put kids to bed. Missus misses Big Brother. We wanna watch channel 5 + 1 live. Like at 10pm.
If you use the apps, or use 4OD or 5Od, they don't stream channels an hour later. We wanna watch at 10pm not the next day.

There are a few website which show streams, I want to know which ones work with messing up computer with crap that these dodgy website try and make you download
We have an iPad and an IMac. Just want to know a link to play channel 5+1 live or channel 4+1 live etc.
And even BBC +. 1 live
Sorry guys, its not possible AT ALL.

I've been hassling, begging, chatting and questioning, everyone I can lay my hands on in the western hemisphere about watching such programmes online.

And unfortunately it is not yet available online. I am in and out of hospital a lot and sometimes I get really into a show, when I have to go for scans or physio, and want to come back to my bed and continue where I left off. But the only plus one channels you can watch online are the ITV plus ones, and some CBS channels.

If you have any luck give me a shout and I'll do the same
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