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Posted 6th Oct 2011
I bought an Omnia 7 8GB unlocked for £239.99 from
The phone arrived very quickly but the only SIM I tried that worked was an Orange sim card. The phone was branded T-Mobile but I didn't have a T-Mobile sim card to test. I assumed the phone wasn't unlocked properly.

Anyway, I returned the phone and got an email saying that they had received it. I heard nothing for 4 days before I emailed them back asking for an update.

"Unfortunately we have still not had stock of this item. The dates have been moved on by manufacturer and it is out of our hands. With this in mind we cannot stipulate as to when we will be getting more stock.

Please advise if you would like to be credited for the amount or keep the order. "
The funny thing is, all of a sudden there's an open-box unlocked Omnia 7 in stock on their website for about £25 more than I originally paid. The original £239.99 model product description now states that they are locked to T-Mobile and Orange and it is also in stock.

I hate to jump to the very obvious conclusion but I'm pretty sure this is my phone:…ed-

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why don't you just reply to their email with that link and explain that you've seen it in stock under a different item. If they say thats not the same model then decide to wait or get a refund.
I have sent an email. It doesn't address the issue of taking the phone that I returned and selling it on for profit while trying to force me to buy something else instead. What if I hadn't noticed?

I'll post their reply when I get it.
I work for a company thats recommends these as a good retailer so they are ok nothing to do with them and not in respect to whats happened to you
Myabe it's locked to T-Mobile and the only reason it works with Orange is because of their crossover of signal - maybe you're only picking up T-Mobile signal through your Orange SIM. So it's not unlocked, nor half-unlocked, merely locked to T-Mobile but will kind of work with Orange.

Re-buy it from somewhere else or get them to send it back to you and have it unlocked yourself (if that'll work out cheaper than buying it elsewhere).
It is locked like you say oldmanhouse. I sent it back to them to be unlocked. Then after hearing nothing for a while I decided to email them and got that reply saying they can't get a replacement that I never asked for and that they are out of stock when they're not.

Why can't they just unlock the one I sent to them or send me the one they are selling? I hope I haven't jumped the gun but I think they meant to list the phones as locked for £240, accidentally listed them as unlocked, and are trying to get out of selling me an unlocked phone for that cheap.
*Handtec ruined my son's birthday*

My son wanted Samsung Note 2 for his birthday. Yesterday, I ordered a new handset and paid £8 extra to have it delivered today. Previously, when my brother ordered a new handset for his son, it was delivered with factory seal broken. He complained and Handtec took the opened handset back and sent them a factory sealed handset. So to be on the safe side, I sent Handtec an email when I ordered yesterday asking them to ensure that the hadset is factory sealed because it is a present for my son. The handset was delivered on time today. However, the factory seal was already broken. My son was really upset. It ruined his day. Handtec are closed today and tomorrow so I could not talk to anyone. I'll speak to them on Thursday and update what happens. But no matter what happens, they ruined it for my son.
I bought a HTC1 M8 from Handtech after first being reassured it was a full English model. I've just had to do a full reset to factory conditions only to find on restart it was a German issue mobile. This mobile cost £450.00 but now find the phone of no use after being originally mislead by Handtech U.K staff. You will, I'm sure understand how cheated I feel with Handtech after before purchase I was reassured my mobile was a full English version. I trusted Handtech staff and now feel cheated.

Maurice Hart
The worst service ive ever had from a company. Honestly think all the good reviews come from the workers there. I would NEVER shop there again in my life.
Handtec are a terrible ripoff company. They sent me a phone that didn't work from day one. I returned it the following week and when they recieved it, accused me of damaging the phone. I now have an expensive paper-weight. See you in court scammers!
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