How well will an Amazon Fire Stick run on 1.5Mbps Sky Broadband connection?

Found 27th Aug 2016
Advice please?

Also - how well will Kodi function on this internet speed?
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You need minimum 3Mbps to stream SD version of movie on firestick and it should be stable. Kodi stream needs more speed varies on Streaming server as well as movie quality. Hope so this helps.
I thought my internet was bad at 3Mbps!
I got the stick and an Android box (from amazon) hard wired. The box wins easy, thus my wifi signal sucks sometimes
My brother has the minimum of 2Mbps from Sky to watch in HD. He can't watch anything in 1080. To check for yourself install Kodi on your desktop/laptop.
you still on dial up bro?
My OH has an average speed of 2mbps, streams iPlayer, netflix, Amazon prime and YouTube all HD where applicable with no issue. Can only stream to one device at a time.

Using the exodus add on through the kodi media player is pretty stable, I'd say 95% of HD content plays fine. I can only remember a couple of occasions where we changed to an SD course or gave up.

Summary, for us, works fine but only one device at a time and no one else can be on the internet doing much at the same time.
1.9mbps at the moment and watching iPlayer through the firestick now with no problems.

I think bbc HD is 720
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negotiate a fibre deal or switch ,my mate had 2meg and it was buffer central,i called sky for him ,got fibre with free install and line rental and his tv package reduced,if u switch to by you'll have to change router settings but its all Googleable .
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