How well would this work...?

    I'm off to Asia soon, just came across something from DX that seems quite handy, but I wanted a second opinion.

    Seeing as electrity seems quite scarce how well would this work to charge up my mobile phone?…222…649…264

    Might suck away quite a bit of juice but it may be an idea to attach a usb hub and charge less power consuming items such as my mp3 player.

    Out of interest what other items can be charged via usb?

    Rep for the most creative ideas, Zak.



    Having travelled for 10 days with no electricity i can tell you from experience it won't work. You need a free loader type device where you can use AA batteries. If you have a power hungry mobile do not try charging with the phone off. As i took my n95 8gb it went flat and i couldn't get it going again because it lights up like a bloody star when you try charging it. You would need direct sunlight on a bigger solar panel to get enough juice.

    Depeds on which part of Asia you are going, I travelled through KL, Singapore (Big cities granted), and then Borneo and Malaysia, but always managed to find somewhere to top up the old mobile. First thing you want to check is perhaps look at a site like trip advisor to see if anyone else has been to where you are going, and get some feedback from them.
    Have a good time as it is a wonderful place to go :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Heres a selection of solar chargers I have bought over the years .If you need AA batteries No 5 is great .
    No6 will charge any phone from 1 AA battery ,very good

    1 = solar book charger, folds out and charges 6AAA batteries ,has a 5 & 7v output
    2 = solar charger's 1350ma internal battery , supplied with various phone leads
    3 = solar charger with internal battery , charges ipods and phones etc.
    4 = solar charger [Scotty] charges 2 x AA batteries , has usb output.
    5 = solar charger , charges 4 x AA batteries . ideal charger when there's no power.
    6 = phone charger , fit 1 x AA battery and will charge anything ,phones ,GPS ,PDA etc[/IMG]


    If money is no object go for this…tml I want it :w00t: The problem I had was I had to keep everything dry as well as I kayaked the Thames from Oxford to London then back. Safe to say my solar charger got wet, was just the cable in the end but a close call.
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