How would you rate UK theme parks and Disneyland Paris?

Found 31st Jul 2009
How would you rate the following theme parks out of 10?

I've been to most of them, but not so much recently.

List in first post. Many thanks for ideas.
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Disneyland Paris
Alton Towers
Drayton Manor
Thorpe Park
Paultons Park
havn't been to disneyland paris but orlando was awseme, the rides were sick.
What the hell is Paultons Park? - That does sound pretty awful.

Alton Tower - 8/10
Thorpe Park - 9/10
Drayton manor - 5/10
"What the hell is Paultons Park? - That does sound pretty awful."
Theme park for little ones.
oh right, yea def not going there then.
Sounds like a mix between alton towers, thorpe park and pleasure beach..
Only been to Disneyland Paris, 8/10
Hi i think thorpe park is def the best, it caters for young kids and adults, and as a thrill seeker, i would not hesitate to go thorpe park. Disneyland Paris was a load of rubbish for their rides in my opinion, havent been alton towers yet tho, pleasurewood hills ok ish, again could be better, chessington again does not match up to thorpe park
Disneyland Paris = 6/10
Alton Towers = 9/10
Drayton Manor = N/a
Thorpe Park =N/a
Chessington = N/a
Paultons Park = N/a
i have been to disney in florida and in paris
paris doesnt even come close to florida, theres not enough there or places to eat imho

alton towers is my no. 1 for the uk
Disney Paris = 8/10 (only lower because of the French staff...can be v rude!)
Chessington = 9/10
Alton Towers = 9/10
Thorpe Park = 7/10
Disneyland Paris = n/a
Alton Towers = 9/10
Drayton Manor = 7/10
Thorpe Park = 8/10
Chessington = 7/10
Paultons Park = 6/10
Some missing places

Flamingo Land
never been to camelot or flamingo land
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