Howmuch are these games worth?

All on PS3:

little big planet
mirrors edge

Also are there any good trade ins at any of the dtores at the mo.


my fella just bought mirrors edge on ps3 for £5 in game so i dont think you would get much for trading in that, you might be better selling them on ebay.


****** all.

LBP big seller, so I assume out on platinum now?
Mirrors Edge is a brilliant game but is worth ****** all new now, let alone second hand
Fifa 09 - Old skool £3.99 in gamestation styley (big of an exaggeration obviously, but you get my drift)

In the FS/FT section

little big planet - ive just paid 7
mirrors edge £5
FIFA 09 £3.50

You cant list for 7 days now remember
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