Hows does tesco pay as you go free credit work with unlimited data browsing pass?

    I'm wondering how the title works. For example, I get a Tesco pay as you go free credit sim. Top it up with £10, so it triples to £30. I then get the unlimited browsing pass for £2. Would this £2 simply come out of the overall free credits i.e. I'll have £28 left and 7 days free data?

    So overall if this works then, I could get a month of unlimited data (£8) plus £22 credit for £10 every month?


    Anything you buy come out of the paid for credit. So in that case you'd have £8 of your £10 topup left and £20 of 'free' credit.

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    ah ok, so if i topped up for the month £10 and used 4 unlimited data passes, I'd have £2 left over. Wondering whether your own credits get used first or the free credits?

    Tesco sim..can you use the £20 free credit on holiday calls,like to and from Turkey?
    Plus do you get £20 free for every topup,or is it only the first ?
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    I dont really know the answers coleraine, only know that tesco have two types of pay as you go tarriffs, one which is the normal one and the other is the double your credits one, you'll probably need to ring the CS up to find out which one you're on
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