hows it going?

    im good
    up to much today?


    Hello, Im just sat here wondering what the point was in replacing my guttering when its leaking at every join!!!
    I am not happy.
    Had the roof and bedroom ceiling fixed last year after a leak and that fell trough a month later! Aargh
    Why dont tradespeople take any pride instead of doing a sloppy half-assed job!
    (Disclaimer - this is NOT aimed at every tradesperson)
    Rant over.

    I'm to dins at my mums, see ya all laterz :w00t:

    I'm feeling good and wondering what to do all next week as i'm off work woop woop


    Mooching on HUKD, what can I say?:p

    That's probably all i will end up doing next week lol sad really
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