How's this for underhandidness...maybe worth checking your policy

    Mate at work had his front bumper stolen (from outside his house) off his 08 Fiesta.

    No worries,rang Direct line to claim.

    "That'll be £350 excess sir".

    "Hang on a mo my excess is £150" he says.

    "Sorry Sir if you read the small print for claims against stolen parts it's £350 with Direct Line".

    Sure enough in th smallest of small print there it is.

    How many people are aware of this? I certainly wasn't.


    I wasn't, but i'm not with direct Line.

    wow i wasnt aware of that

    nope, didnt know that either.

    that's disgusting, might even be cheaper to buy one!

    Never knew that :w00t:


    Hmm. I'm with direct line. Cant say I knew that. My excess is £100 (on everything except windscreen - which is £150). I even asked them to confirm that, which they did!


    that's disgusting, might even be cheaper to buy one!

    I agree, especially if you can find someone who can use a spanner quickly and quietly in the dark:whistling::whistling::whistling:

    You never know how good your insurance cover is until you have to claim. It's all very well trying to get the cheapest cover, but you end up paying one way or another!
    Sorry to hear you mate learnt the hard way.
    I have found directline are the worse ever for advertising one thing and having a get out clause in the small print to make sure you pay!
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