HP 363 large black ink cartridge

    I am struggling to find decently priced LARGE black HP363 (ie not the piddly 6ml cartridges, think I want 17/22ml). I use one large one every 4 weeks for work so is looking costly if I have to buy from PC World at £22 a time.

    My printer is Photosmart C6180.

    I dont need any colour cartridges. Has anybody used the aftermarket compatable ones? I found using these on old Dell brought ink low warning on all the time.

    About 3 days ink left so please help


    I refill my HP cartridges ..the cost of new ones is silly...even compatibles don't come's because the print heads are included in the cartridge build wasteful..although you can sell the empty ones..Tesco have a scheme whereyou get points for empty cartridges.

    Have a look at ]


    ]Maxsave have the 17ml original cartridge for £15.25 delivered

    Original Poster

    what a saga! Tesco direct showing them at £9.99 for large ones (as denoted by picture not text). So I order 10, plus sim for free delivery £101.43.

    Delivered yesterday, all small ones. Ring them up, send you 10 replacement correct ones in morning very sri etc.

    So they refund money £99.70, recharge card and then charge delivery. Ring them up, delivery £4.85 refunded.

    10 replacements deliverd today, guess what, same as before. Ring them up, very sri, must all be wrong!! Handbag on knee, not good enough etc, so offer £25 compensation (bearing in mind takes 3-4 days to refund card and over £200 deducted.

    Checked emails, refund for £39.88 & 124.70. Reckon I'm quids in or big mistake? :?
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