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    My hp c4380 printer refused to connect to my pc yesterday so i uninstalled the software thinking that i would just reinstall,unfortunately i cant find the installation disc and the download file from the hp website seems to be corrupted as when i try to open the file it comes up as saying extraction failed corrupt file,
    does anyone know where i can download the installation file from apart from the hp website please ??


    Just get the drivers for your OS first and print something...then worry about the rubbish software it comes with.


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    am downloading the link provided i have tried it off the uk hp site a few times with no joy so will give this a go and report back,
    cheers for the repley

    no problem bud...hope it works for you!

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    again a box comes up saying extraction failed corrupt file,any other websites that may host the installation file

    what file is it?

    the full file name and extension pls and what OS are you running?

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    ive tried downloading all the installation files for the c4380 basic and full for vista

    What exact version of vista are you running?

    also there was a critical update for this printer relating to connection issues ]here

    Hang on... if you just uninstalled the software...that doesn't mean you uninstalled the drivers neccesarrily so you should try using the update in the link provided

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    will try the update when i get home,i think it may be someting wrong with my computer though as its been playing up for a while

    ok , don't worry if the update does not run...since the uninstall application you ran may have completely removed everything to do with the printer as well including the drivers...hence it will not be able to update anything since there may be nothing left to update... re your computer playing up... run a thoughrough virus check.

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    im usually on top of all the computer techy stuff but thus ahs left me stumped,did a virus check a week or so ago so dont think its that,here goes my weekend in the pub down the drain,

    rep added for all the help

    just remembered have you run the original install file you downloaded as Adminstrator? (right click it and run it as adminstrator)?

    You have to be careful in Vista about permissions and where you are downloading (the destination path) and executing from can affect how applications run if you do not have sufficient (sufficient being Adminstrator) priviliges.

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    yeah tried running as administrator didnt make a difference


    The above link relates to error messages and possible solutions and the link below is a driver pack from HP website.

    ]This download includes the HP Photosmart driver and software for Windows 2K, XP, XP-64, Vista, and Vista 64. They are intended for IT Professionals who want a basic driver to use with their HP Photosmart. This release includes the following products: HP Photosmart C5200, C7200, C8100, C6200 and C4380 series printers

    Do not worry about the IT Professional is just a driver pack...just be sure that you install the right driver for your OS and Printer.

    Also once you install the driver remember to install the update over the top of it as well... if your printer does not work.

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    unfortunately no joy have done a antivirus and spyware check nothing coming up as being wrong,but when the computer tries to extract the file it keeps coming up as corrupt

    This is getting on my nerves! I'm guessing you are running a 32 bit Version of Windows Vista right...

    Let me see if I can download the right driver on a windows machine and extract the driver and send it you...I just hope that the rubbish compressed .exes hp are creating arent the only way to get at the driver... might take a while i'll post back on here when I've done it to let you know...

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    ive spent 3 days trying to figure this out and am close to just sending it back cheers for all the help very much appreciated

    OK I'm downloading the driver bundle now...I hope this works... its on an xp machine...I won't have access to a vista machine until the end of the month

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    cheers pal

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    i have downloaded a program called drivermax which shows that the hp drivers are still on my computer.

    ok so basically I downloaded ]this

    I can confirm the file is not corrupt.

    I double-clicked the file and it self extracted automatically and it goes straight into the setup wizard...It checks your system and everything and strats installing all the relevant stuff into C:\HP and C:\Hewlett Packard (it must have been installing xp relevent software for the laptop I was using)

    It then asks you to plug in your printer cable which I couldn't obv so I clicked plug in later and finish install.
    Unfortunately because it is a self extracting executable I don't know how to pull the drivers from the file and I think you have to be connected to the net for the install as it appeared to be downloading more and more rubbish during the wizard from the net (as the bit rate was fluctuating) It did say to disable all Spyware AntiVirus and such (Firewalls etc) before continuing so that it doesn't mess up the install... so you must try that.

    It obviously installed the I think it does work...but after you get this to run you must also download and install the updates as well...

    The problem it seems does not lie in the executable then... do you have plenty of Hard Drive space free?

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    ok am going to try and download it on my laptop heres hoping

    Ok also they are right to say disable all the firewalls, spyware antivirus and what not because according to ]this the file is yet to be classified as safe!

    Don't worry though the file is from the HP website!

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    its not the downloading part that seems to be the problem its the extraction that plays up,any ideas why my pc would take a dislike to all the hp downloads

    It could be your anti virus/ spyware checker/ firewall / some other third party thing not liking it... It could be your HD... you said things were playing up ... are you sure you have lots of free disk space and aren't running loads of programs (even in the background)?

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    i just downloaded the file on my laptop and its still coming up with a corupt file warning

    do other .exe files run ok?

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    plenty of hd space and nothing running in the background that im aware of


    i just downloaded the file on my laptop and its still coming up with a … i just downloaded the file on my laptop and its still coming up with a corupt file warning

    can you click continue?... the file is not corrupt...

    also disable firewall anti virus etc

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    i downloaded the drivermax progam fine and installed it without any issues

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    i double click, choose run and then it shows as extraction failed corrupt file.

    It just seems to have a problem with these compressed executables from hp must be to do with something in vista / some third party firewall , AV or spyware not liking the code...

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    how do i turn off my antivirus etc

    this sux ... perhaps try e-mailing HP - customer support and briefly explain the issue?

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    my laptop is runnin xp uses the same antivirus and spybot as pc though
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