HP Gen8 Microserver ESXi - Ssd or microSD

Found 10th Dec 2017
A little help or advise if anyone can...

Should I install esxi and keep vms on an ssd installed in the ODD bay or just run esxi from the USB/ microSD port on the mobo?
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Run it from MicroSD or internal USB port.

I build ESXi servers as a day job. Installing on HDD/SDD is a waste of diskspace.

be sure to download the HP custom ESxi build from VMWare website
Another tip though....

Use SSD's for OS disks, use Spindles for VM Storage disks
SD card here as well. The only down side I've ever seen when using a SD card is the local scratch volume isn't created but for home use that's perfectly fine.
Thanks both. Is it easy to configure esxi so that it boots from usb/microSD and ‘sees’ an SSD for VMs and spindle disks as datastores?

Could I not create a scratch partition on an ssd?
Yeah it's really simple to configure SD as the boot volume. Just change the bios and you're away. Once it build just configure the VM volumes as vmfs datastores. 1mb block size should be fine for most cases which allows files upto 256gb. 2mb I think is 512mb. That's the maximum size, not the allocated size. I'd guess most vms wouldn't get anywhere near 256mb unless you start creating monster databases or huge storage volumes.

You can create a scratch volume on a hard disk datastore but there really isn't much point, it's only really for advanced diagnostics etc.
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