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    anyone using Instant ink service from HP? my printer would need new cartridges in about next 2 weeks. Would you recommend it - I'm referring to the £1.99 pm plan.


    I'm on the £1.99 plan. It all depends on how much you use the printer. If you buy more than one set of cartridges a year then it's worth it as cartridges are around £17 for the set.
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    I have this plan, normally its okay but when they charge you for going over your allowance it can be hefty depending on the amount you print. I think the £2 plan does up to 50 pages per month so if you dont go over that you will be fine. They also send out refills automatically but it only comes about once a year as its a XL large cartridge that they send you holding 3 times more ink than normal. You can up the price and up the allowance each month if you print more. Hope that helps.

    I've got it free for 9 months and I think its a really good service!

    I've been using this for a year now. Can't complain at all. £1.99 a month and never go over. Already had my moneys worth from it this year.

    £24 a year for 50 prints of whatever you want a month is great.

    We use the £1.99 plan mostly for the kids homework etc and it works out really well as I think the cartridges they send are the large ones and we haven't had to change them yet.


    I've got it free for 9 months and I think its a really good service!

    what printer and how did you get that much?

    It was from pc world in September time.. hp envy

    I'm on £1.99 too with 5 months free.

    I've also got an Hp Envy, came with 3 months free instant ink. Found this one on Currys which comes with 5 months free ink. I'm on the £1.99 plan and use mainly for school homework, printing online bills and boarding passes etc. The good thing is the ink is dispatched automatically and any unused pages are carried forward onto the next month's allowance. Printer comes with easy set up guide and Hp also email you when you get close to using up your month page allowance and you can swap tariffs at any time. You don't have to enroll in the instant ink program when you set up the printer, use the 5 month code and then enroll when it ends.
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