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Posted 30th Mar
I have an HP Envy printer and I am subscribed to HP InstaInk. If I buy a new printer that comes with a trial of InstaInk can I use that or is that no good to me?
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Each printer supporting II can have its own II arrangement; can even have multiple II printers on the same HP account.
If you print about total 20 - 30 sheets per month it is usually cheaper in the medium - long term to buy two two II-qualifying printers and bin whatever II promo comes with the printers and simply put both on the never-ending freebie 15ppm II plan.
Suppose you could proportionally ramp up the number of printers for every freebie 15ppm you want to print, but it may become difficult to store / manage a room full of printers.
Not sure if this is what you're asking but

If the old printer and new printer are of the same model then you'll be able to use the ink in both printers.
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