HP Instant ink mobile app printing (free photos)

Posted 21st Jan 2023 (Posted 5 h, 58 m ago)
On the HP instant ink site it refers to free printing from mobile devices up to the size of 5x7. Can anyone validate this please?

I’m looking to get an instant ink subscription and Id like to find out if prints such as the above need to be included in my subscription or if they are free.

Thanks in advance.
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    Tango printer only: and must "enrol", so presumably tap with a US accent:
    Exclusive for the HP Tango printer, those who enrol in HP Instant Ink will not be charged for photos printed on photo paper size 13 x 18 cm or smaller from their smartphones and tablets. Tango will know when you print photos from a mobile device. When printing to 13 x 18 cm or smaller photos, the prints are not counted against your monthly page allotments (the number of pages in your enrolled plan). You must print from an Android™ or iOS® device to take advantage of this offer (Notebooks and Windows phones are not included) and must have an active HP Instant Ink account with a paid plan. You can monitor your free mobile photo prints from a special page meter on your account page. Limitations may apply. Once enrolled, go to your dashboard to learn more.
    Perfect, thanks for that.
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    That reminds me...I need to switch my printer on.
    They've been bitching about it for a while.
    My printer is constantly on and connected. No reason not to as I'm still on the free plan. However HP keep emailing me stating the connection has been lost and that it is a requirement of the service. No idea why, as it is connected and I can print ok

    The cynical me wondered if they were trying to drop the free plan users, by alleging they have breached a requirement of the service They tried to end all the free plans but it didn't work. (edited)
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