Does anyone know of any good deals on an HP Ipaq 1940 or 2210?
    Either with or without a bluetooth GPS unit.




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    Cheers for those! :-)

    Do you know of any Bluetooth PDA and Bluetooth GPS cobined deals anywhere (Tom Tom compatible)?


    [color=darkblue]I've only found the h5550 in a kit. Not sure if this is what you're looking for though?[/color]

    [color=blue]CLICK HERE - TOMTOM iPAQ 5550 BUNDLE[/color]

    [color=darkblue]Pretty expensive but I think the iPaq is higher spec.? It also says it comes with SD card + cradle, which other websites charge more for.

    Might be worth telephoning them to find out if they can still get hold of the other iPAQ's.[/color]

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    Thanks for those. More choice :-) but pretty pricey.

    Are there cheaper but equaly as good Bluetooth PDA's on the market? How do Dell, Toshiba and Acer compare? (I don't need a Tom Tom CD).

    I think there's some deals on Dell right now with the Axim models at 15% discount. The X50 520Mhz is £249 but I don't know if it has bluetooth. The top of the range X50V 624Mhz, VGA display, Wifi/Bluetooth/SD and CF slots is £306 instead of £349.
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