HP laptop, something moving????

Posted 24th Oct
I just found out something is moving in the top right corner of my HP laptop. Its on the inside and seem to be almost sliding along. I have no knowledge of any recent accident with the laptop although it was dropped some weeks ago.
As the laptop seems to be working fine should I just ignore this noise when the laptop is moved or does it need to be opened to check what the issue is?
Might get a new one in Black Friday sale so dont want to waste money on unnecessary repair now.
Any advice please?
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There normally isn't any space inside the case for anything to move ! It's possible a screw has come loose, if so and it's working I wouldn't move it around just in case it shorts something out.
Have you checked the mouse?
It could be the speaker bracket that's come loose? If not screwed down they are sometimes clipped into place. When the laptop was dropped the clip(s) could have broken.
It's a bug.
I would recommend open it up as it could short it out later. Cheaper to find it now.
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