HP Laptop that rotates into a touch screen???

Found 20th Jan 2011
Just wondering if anyone knows the make and model of an HP laptop that the screen rotates and turns into a touch screen?? I saw one the other day [someone was using it] and thought it looked great, don't know if anyone has one of these or knows if they are any good??
In the mood for a new gadget :-)

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Thanks for that, will go and have a look, nice to hear that you have used one and liked it...
It really did look great..
Thanks again.


Someone at work had one about 18 months ago, was pretty good, at the time … Someone at work had one about 18 months ago, was pretty good, at the time it was £900, but was really high spec for back then, I had it for a few days to set it up for them and was really impressed.Can't remember the model number but googling "hp swivel screen laptop" brings a few results up.

Only ever seen a Dell that QVC were selling the other week
Yea only seen a Dell....
The dell was mentioned and featured a bit on BBC's CLICK last Sunday.
definately Dell, advert in todays Times
this is it Inspirion duo
seen a few......lenovo? nd ibm hve had them for couple of years

id wait for the influx later this year......especilly the hp/palm effort with web os and the new asus range
I have a toshiba one that does it. Even comes with a pen to use on the screen. I think the model is portege.
The HP TC4200 does what the OP asked, but it is a very old design now.

Panasonic Toughbooks swivel and go into a tabet, well mine does anyway
Thanks to all for the info the HP one is a fortune but the dell duo and panasonic much more reasonable. Thanks again...
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