HP Mini Compaq 311c

Found 17th Oct 2010
Anyone know where I can get the HP Mini Compaq 311c from for the cheapest price?

also if anyone knows the difference between the models? e.g. '311c-1020sa', '311c-1030sa' and the '311c-1101sa'? thank you
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That price is actually excluding VAT and delivery so in total it is £312, HP website have it for £299 so I think I will go with them, thanks for the reply though.
Shameless self promotion but if youre interested I have a Lenovo S12 that I am selling, like the 311c it has an atom processor with the extra grunt of the Nvidea ION graphics, but has a larger screen than the 311c, windows 7 and mine has the full 3G DDR ram and a SSD for faster boot times and running

Edit: Otherwise a well known auction site has quite a few 311's popping up now and then
Edited by: "Stelph" 18th Oct 2010
Just ordered the HP Mini 311c from HP and then 1 minute ago cancelled it, just struck me that £329 is waaaay to much for a netbook that really is just for browsing the internet.
Stelph whats the price you were thinking of selling for?
Ive listed it here, am looking for £250 but am open to offers:

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