hp-pavilion-15-p151sa any good?

Is this Laptop good value for money: currys.co.uk/gbu…tml

mostly internet, iTunes, a few movies and kids online games.

Thanks for opinions and possible alternative suggestions for the price.


have you considered the one posted on link below. spec not quite as good as the one you posted and a refurb albeit with 12 months warranty but a lot cheaper and I would say more than sufficient for what you want to do with it


IMO, yes - good spec i5 system for £400
Probably overkill for what you've described but a nice laptop.
£300 gets you something more suited to you workload if you want - a less powerful processor and smaller HDD (and no Miracast).

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Thanks for the responses

Ar460rn looked at that one first, but wasn't sure in the processor, also the build quality isn't as good as the one I linked.

Movies would be played via hdmi to tv. It will occasionally be used for connecting to work via goto mypc .

And I may put Adobe illustrator on it as well.

Interesting machine, I hadn't realised HP were offering the 4288U. Despite the U that's a standard power i5, the same speed as an i7-4510U (if not marginally faster) and comes with the GT3 (Iris 5100) graphics core, which has twice the power of the usual GT2 (HD4600).

A nice processor to have in a £400 machine, although of course there are the compromises you'd expect elsewhere at that price like the small battery, single USB3 port and no SSD.

It doesn't sound like your use is particularly CPU heavy though, so it might be worth looking at cheaper versions of the pavillion 15 or models that start at £400.

Does anyone know if the pavilion p151sa is any good for minecraft??
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