HP Pavillion Laptop (dv9233eu and dv9341eu)


    Ive been looking for a new laptop for a while now, and thought i had it narrowed down to a HP Pavilion dv9233eu (see here…105 )

    I looked direct on the HP site and it was showing £699.99 - a £50 saving compared to Dabs! Great i thought. I then came to this wonderfult site (:-D ) and found a voucher for 10% off HP - even better.

    I came back today thinking of ordering from HP, but to my shock its gone to £799.99!

    Now, it gets even wierder now, because according to HP, the model up from what i was looking at, is now the same price on their site after the initial price rise of that lower model?!

    So on HP the Pavilion dv9233eu and the Pavilion dv9341eu are the same price! On dabs however there is a £50 difference between the two...…105

    Well basically that was a long winded way of saying, have any of you got any super duper vouchers on the Pavilion dv9233eu or the Pavilion dv9341eu, as the only way i could afford it in the first place was using all the deals (that now seem to have dissappeared!)


    PS any invite to acetorrents would also be appreciated :thumbsup:


    Any particular reason why HP? I'm not a big fan myself. Toshiba, Sony, Asus and Fujitsu are my brands of choice or Acer and MSI for a value system.

    Also is that the exact spec, screen size etc. you want or would you prefer, for example, something with a smaller screen for portability?

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    Thanks for the response.

    I chose HP for a few reasons. Mainly because at that price (sub £700) they were the only ones i could find with a decent graphics card (7600 Go) with a 17" widescreen.

    Also, i think they are really good looking laptops and like the extra features (like built in webcam, external DVD controls, lightscribe etc).

    Im looking for:
    Reasonably cheap (definately under £700).
    Decent Graphics card (i.e 7600 Go).
    1GB RAM.
    17" screen.
    Vista would be good.
    Portability or battery life arent too much of a worry (im on a dated 3.6kg dell atm).

    Any ideas?

    To be honest it sounds like that was/is a mis-price but I've done some looking around and I think these are all good options:

    [*]]http//ww…asp A little bit over budget but worth it imho for the superior core 2 duo processor and 2yr warranty alone.
    [*]]http//ww…asp Similar spec but benefits from core 2 duo and a larger hard drive.
    [*]]http//ww…asp Cheaper option, only really differs in hard disk size and graphics chip.
    [*]]http//ww…asp Closest spec to the HP.
    [*]]http//ww…asp 2GB RAM (recommended for Vista), but slightly over budget.
    [*]]http//ww…831 Only integrated graphics but it's a Toshiba, one of the top laptop brands.

    Worth noting that generally all the brands mentioned, particularly Asus and Toshiba are held in higher regard by computer people than HP.

    Also I wouldn't worry too much about the graphics chip on that HP the rest of the spec doesn't come close to matching it so you wont see the full benefit.

    Hope that helps

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    Sorry for my slow reply - been away.

    Thanks for the great help megalomaniac. Youve pointed me to a great website and given some good ideas.

    Ill look into them.

    So is there that much of a difference between AMD Turion and Core 2? Im looking for best gaming performance (hence video card needed) on lowest budget here...?

    Thanks again.

    The intel chips are better, the AMD chips are cheaper. I used to be a big AMD fan but I personally wouldn't buy anything other than Intel at the moment.

    Now gaming......gaming's an odd thing recently, everyone say's DirectX 10's the next big thing and it probably will be! That said most DX10 chips available for laptops at the moment are actually slower than the top end DirectX9 chips and I can't find an decent 17" laptops with DX10 support anywhere near your price range.

    If you're gaming and running Vista you also should be looking at 2Gb of RAM as essential, but RAM's cheap at the minute so you could always buy extra later.

    If it were my money and I could stretch to it I'd go for the Asus as it's worth it for the extra warranty alone and you can add more memory yourself (]http//ww…741 or ]http//ww…725) if you feel the need to and while the ATI X1450 might not be quite as nippy as the 7600 but it's much kinder on the battery.
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