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Found 12th Aug 2018
Help, I've recently bought my daughter a hp printer, however after several attempts at trying to register it for the free ink, we get to the test print out, which it does. it then doesn't recognise the printer. We have no idea what to do. Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you
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What is the "it" that doesn't recognise the printer?
Additionally, has the firmware been updated to latest version?
Give hp a call. They sorted mine out with no problems. It seems they update the software and it works fine.
sorry the it is a laptop, and I'm not sure what the "firmware" is. I will give hp a call tomorrow and hopefully they will sort out my problem too. Thank you both for replying.
Maybe it's trying to print to the old printer? If pc is trying to talk to the old printer then it won't recognise the new one. Change in settings to the new printer.. You will find it in windows settings. Devices. Manage printer and scanner. Make sure your new printer is the default printer to print to and not an old printer. Just remove the old printers listed
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