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HP Printer Deskjet 3050A J611 black ink not working

Posted 15th Sep 2021
Hi everyone,

Need some help please before I just buy a new set of ink as getting quite annoyed.

For some reason, the black ink on my printer isn't working. Nothing comes up at all - just blank paper when I print anything. Colour ink seems fine. Both black and colour ink still have enough ink left in them (black ink about 1/3 left and colour about 2/3 left).

I've tried cleaning printhead/clean print smear etc/clean paper feed via tools on the printer menu but nothing is working.

I've taken out the ink cartridges and wiped them clean with a tissue so it's not leaking/wet with ink but nothing is working at all and I can't seem to find the answer online.

Anyone know what the problem is?

Please help. Thank you.
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