Hp touchpad help if anyone still has one.

Found 24th Nov 2017
I have a new touchpad which worked perfectly, its been away for a while but in a dry clean place. Yesterday I dug it out to see what I could do with it but despite charging it, it will not power on. I tried to google some help but tbh apart from all the holding of buttons ect (which haven't worked) im a bit lost. Can anyone help it seems a shame to throw it as its still got the cellophane on it lol in original box with two boxed cases and a charging cradle.
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I think you should state it’s a tablet as I didn’t know that myself and was confused
On another note, you probably need to replace the battery. I suspect it has died after having charge left and being turned off and left alone for years (you know, the warnings you’d get about leaving charge if you’re going to stop using a device)
It's probably just struggling to get its initial charge, particularly in these colder conditions. Leave it charging for a day or so in a warmer room, and then try holding the power button to turn it on.
Leave it charging for a long time with the proper charger, they're a bit funny like that. I still have a brand new one as well.
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Thanks, it been in my lounge in a box for its rest time so not in any cold conditions. I will try leaving it on the charger for a few days. It wasnt really ever used so Im hoping the battery would have enough to just boot up, found my samsung 10 inch tablet (first ever edition) which I used loads and it charges and boots just fine although exceptional slow android 4 still running paid a fortune for that. Fingers crossed it decides to spring into life.
Update, I left it on charge a few days and it has booted and is working fine.
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