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    Hi all,

    I need to get a HPI check, obviously want the cheapest one, but willing to pay more to get the most comprehensive, any help please?



    I think RAC was the cheapest :thinking:

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    I think RAC was the cheapest :thinking:

    But does it cover everything?

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    Ebay do one for £6.99, does that cover everything that HPI covers?

    I used mycarcheck

    BEWARE!!!!!!! DO NOT GO FOR THE CHEAPEST !!!!!!!!!!!

    If you read the small print (RAC for example) you will see that compensation is vastly reduced in comparison to checks done directly with HPI.

    I am currently pursuing a claim having lost almost £5k on a car that RAC reported back as being clean which turned out to be a total loss write-off!! - unfortunately it would appear that I am only entitled to £1k max under the RAC T&Cs :x

    Also an HPI check is not a be all and end all check - as I found out much to my detriment! If you are spending a considerable amount of money on a car then get it checked over by a qualified mechanic.

    In my personal experience I would never rely on an HPI check again - there are so many loopholes and as much as I would like to divulge - I would rather wait until my claim has been resolved but I do intend to post up on as many sites / forums that I can to warn people.

    If you do choose to go ahead with an HPI check then make sure you follow the T&Cs to the letter - trust me there are so many flankers they will try and pull on you to try and avoid a payout

    Go for [url][/url] It's the most comprehensive and you get 7 days free insurance cover!

    It's 19.99 and it's covered, I would read the policy because not everything is covered (as always)
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