Hpw safe is it to buy from Amazon sellers?

Found 14th Oct 2009
I have seen a Canon Flash at a good price from a "just launched" Amazon seller. The item costs well over £250 but is still about £40-45 cheaper than street prices. I wanted to know what would happen if the flash never arrived/was faulty/was the wrong model than advertised. If the seller does not refund me, am I covered with Amazon UK? For what sorts of things would Amazon UK not cover me for?

It is the first time I am considering buying such a high value from an Amazon third party seller so any advice/comments would be gratefully received.
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Amazon are usually pretty good when it comes to refunding via amazon third party.
u need to deal with the reseller, and its a pain to go through the refunds proccess, took about a month for the refund and you dont get ur postage like you do with amazon direct
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