Found 14th Oct 2016
Hi all,

Hoping there is someone that can help with this.

I bought my other half a engagement ring February 2015 and have had a few issues with it. After 6 months the white gold had started losing its colour and had to go in to get re plated. We thought that it may just have been a one off.
A month after having it back it started to lose its colour again, took it back to the shop who said that they could send it off again for re plating again but it was because of the chemical levels or something in my partners skin that means it will just react like that often and we may have to re plate it quite often. We were going away to my partners family and she wanted to have the ring with her to show her family so we decided to do it when we got back.
Soon after that we found out that she was pregnant and with fingers swelled up etc she didn't wear it until this last week when her fingers are now back to previous size. Went out today trying on wedding bands to see what would look nice next to current ring and somewhere between shops one of the small diamonds has fallen out.

She wasn't heavy handed with putting other rings on and hasn't banged into anything, it seems to have just come loose and fallen out.

Does anyone have any experience of if hsamuels will do anything to help? We spoke to one of the staff in the staines store who said we would have to pay for repair and replacement of the diamond. I would have thought that they were made to last longer than 18 months??

Does anyone have any ideas?


White gold is known to lose its colour and need replating over time. The length of time it takes can depend on the quality of it and can also be affected by hand cream, soaps, cleaning products etc. so having it replating is normal. Personally I wouldn't be happy with losing a stone and if it had been checked regularly I would say they jeweller is at fault. I know with my engagement ring, provided it is checked every few years, should my diamond fall out, they will replace it.

I bought one of the "Forever" rings in May last year.
It did lose its colour over the next year and was replated for free in July this year.
Just last month, its colours had gone again and H Samuel sent it away again for free, my wife now removes it every time she washes etc as soaps do affect the plating.
H Samuel have been really helpful each time I've been in but we have the ring insured on our house insurance for any such losses.
Hope you manage to get something sorted.

After the event I know .. But worth getting stuff like this as an added item to household insurance if it's cost decent cash .. That's what we have done with an engagement ring and watch . The rhodium plating hasnt worn on this ring in 5 years .

With the expense of sounding like a ****, the problem was that you bought a piece of jewellery from H Samuels and the worst thing is now you are stuck because your wife to be is attached to the ring. I bought mine from the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham 7 years ago and not had one problem with the White Gold and the wife only takes them off to go to bed. The quality does very much depend on where you bought it. It will not necessarily need re-plating or 'dipping' (for other readers).

I'm afraid h Samuel just isn't very high quality . I agree the stone should not have fallen out but you get what you pay for . White gold does wear . It's the rhodium plating . This is why I only wear yellow gold . I appreciate getting married is an expensive affair, but if you can spare the cash go out and buy her a decent quality ring . Believe me you can tell the difference
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