Is this the new name for HSBC or has Google gone off on one?



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    Was gonna have a quick bank but google doesent bring up the usual address shows up as

    That does look dodgy.

    Appears to be something religious related. I guess someone will understand it better than me.

    Means Trust?

    Edited by: "PhearFactor" 30th Sep 2010

    At HSBC our goal is to provide a range of Shariah compliant financial services that meet the needs of the UK Muslim community.

    We believe that prosperity and financial security can be achieved without any compromise to your deeply held principles. So we're pleased to introduce Amanah, a range of services for those who prefer to conduct their financial affairs in accordance with Shariah. The Amanah range includes the Amanah Bank Account and Amanah Home Finance if you're looking to buy property.…nah

    HSBC hasn't changed it's name and the main website is still . The Amanah service is specifically tailored towards Islamic customers to specifically cater to their religious beliefs, particularly in respect of debit & credit interest.
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